Alumni Profiles

Nysmith alumni often attend highly prestigious schools – and credit their rigorous early training at The Nysmith School for their success in high school and beyond.

However, it’s important to note that this success is not simply related to great academics. Nysmith students are leaders, collaborators, and team builders. The joy of learning that marked their earliest years has laid the groundwork for life-long learning; their probing curiosity fuels both innovation and a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

Nysmith alumni fearlessly dream, explore, and build – and we are certain that many of our former students will use their talents to literally rock the world.  They already are!

Sreya Atluri
Alex Sands
Matt Steffanina
AJ Smith
Andrea Li
Craig Haseler
Janice Park
Matthew Royer
Mira Holford
Clancey Stahr
Sophia Vasiliadis
Naren Tallapragada
Jeffrey Miller
Darby Nelson
Stephanie Swift
Tessa Muss
Briana Broccoli
Brad Yoho
Melissa Dickt
Rachel Kasold
Elli Hausamann
Haley Stumvoll
TJ Loeffler
Colton Haney
Adriana Smith
Emory Ruscus
Erica Neely
Danielle Agress
Brianna Buch
Howard Small
Will Bunting
Lili Klainer
Nicole Lee
Ramya Avadhanam
Geoffrey Ford Kfoury
Rena Mazur
Steven Bunting
Christian Klein
Claire Tobin
Ryan Tasker-Benson
Jonathan Chang
Kira Strande
Alex James
Catelyn Nelson Bernstein
Marilyn Savich
Pooja Chandrashekar
Nikhil Gupta
Maddie Melton
Aaditya Singh
Emily Purdon
Erika Giorgis
Alex Faludi
Alex Sharata
Michael Serron