Getting A Head Start

We create an individual learning path for each child

Full Day Preschool children are full of love, fun, energy, curiosity and increasing independence.

Each child grows and absorbs new information at a very individual rate. Teachers assess skill levels and then work on teaching new skills.

Our full day preschool goals are to build self-esteem, to teach compassion and respect, and to increase interest in and understanding of the world as a whole.

Art is an integral part of the preschool program whether they are illustrating books they have created or exploring a multitude of artistic medias. The major emphasis is on the process, not the finished product.

Our reading program encourages children to develop both the desire and ability to read to the fullest potential. Based on phonics, it includes mind mapping, word families, literature appreciation and the building of sight and speaking vocabulary. Reading levels in any classroom may vary from working on beginning sounds to reading fluently. Journaling gives the children an opportunity to experiment and explore their newly found reading skills. Creating and illustrating stories about zoo animals or space units develop their artistic creativity and imagination. Having a mystery box filled with items the children bring from home to reinforce the letter of week encourages parental participation and critical thinking skills as they give clues to discover what’s in the box.

Our balanced mathematics curriculum promotes conceptual, computational and problem solving proficiency. Sequencing, categorizing, patterning, sorting and classifying by attributes, problem solving, estimating, measuring, time, and money are introduced. An example of how creative our teachers can be was demonstrated during the introduction of money. One class set up an employment agency, assigned jobs for the children and then rewarded them with “bucks.” Children could also earn “bonus bucks” for kind deeds. At the end of the period, they had an opportunity to shop in their store. Understanding the value of a job well done and the rewards that follow were as important as knowing what a quarter or dime look like.

Our units of study integrating language arts and math include anatomy, space, seasons, insects, animals (zoo, farm and pets), seasonal holidays and an appreciation of different cultures.

The total curriculum includes daily computers and French classes, music and physical education, and field trips to nature parks, concerts, the planetarium, and a working farm. Special in-house presentations by the reptile lady and puppeteers enhance our curriculum.

Special events such as musical gatherings, Grandparent’s Day and Field Day are a great way to include various family members.

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