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June 2019: History Bowl Competition in Chicago, IL

We couldn’t be more proud of our “history buff” students for their participation and overall placements in the History Bee/Bowl National Competition that was just held in Chicago. Below are the results:

5th Grade & Under Division: (total of 213 participants)
Shreraj S.finished 57th with 20pts
Esha M. finished 63rd with 19pts
Neil R. finished 67th with 18pts
Ariana B. finished 72nd with 17pts
Babiha B. finished 111th with 9pts
Sia M. finished 130th with 7pts
Swaraj S. finished 130th with 7pts
Anju A. finished 164th with 4pts

6th Grade Division: (total of 257 participants)
Henry P. finished 32nd with 30 pts (reached semifinals!!!)
Vincenzo F. finished 46th with 26pts
Pierson L. finished 90th with 18pts

7th Grade Division: (total of 328 participants)
Neeraj M. finished 42nd with 30pts (reached semifinals!!!)
Amal W. finished 205th with 8pts
Joshua G. finished 283rd with 2pts

The Nysmith History Bowl Team (Raed M., Andy R., Neeraj M, Amal W., & Henry P.) finished with a record of 4-2 and won the Consolation Bracket and finished 33rd out of 64 teams.

The parent created team (Babiha, Esha, Anju, and Shreraj) finished 11th out of 27 teams! (pictured)

Congratulations to all!