Many adults prize their school yearbooks because of the happy memories they evoke – youth, friends, sports teams, musical events, and academic achievements.

That’s especially true for yearbooks from extraordinary schools like Nysmith – where the diversity of programs, close bonds between friends, and stimulating professional exchanges between students and their teachers make each yearbook a treasured keepsake.

Yearbooks are provided to every student each year; all production costs are covered by tuition fees.

We’re certain that you’ll be amazed at the number and quality of our photographs and write-ups; our staff takes great pride in curating the yearbook. However, the real stars of the yearbook show are our eighth-graders.

They put together our yearbook using Photoshop and illustrator. We really enjoy their creativity – the students put together the pages in many different ways. If you look closely on each page, you’ll see that the student responsible for putting it together has hidden his or her signature on that page!

If you’d like to see a yearbook, just drop by the office when you’re touring the facility and we will be happy to show you.