Truly exceptional teachers are the main reason that a Nysmith education is so valuable while being so thoroughly enjoyable.

Beginning in kindergarten, students change classes with each subject, so they are taught by teachers who are dedicated to a single subject area and are absolutely passionate about it.

Because our teachers are passionate about their specific subject areas, they delight in constantly looking for new and creative ways to introduce your child to new content and explore it more deeply.  Our program is always evolving.  The net result is an environment where your child will not only learn more but will also have fun in the process.

Our teachers love being at The Nysmith School and engaging with such eager, motivated, and happy students.  This is reflected in our low teacher turnover rate and long average tenure.  More than half of our teachers have been at The Nysmith School for over 10 years!

Nysmith teachers:

  • Truly love to teach.
  • Enjoy working with children – and help to fill each day with the spirit of gratitude, discovery, and curiosity.
  • Are hired to teach specific subjects – those that they are passionate about and enjoy teaching.
  • Inspire and nurture their students, guiding them into a deeper understanding of their identity, their personal goals, and their social skills.
  • Constantly innovate – looking for novel and creative ways to introduce content and explore it more deeply.
  • Use age-appropriate learning experiences.
  • Build their courses around analysis, critical thinking, discovery, and collaboration.
  • Minimize repetition.
  • Know how to gauge the capacity of their students – and ensure that no one is bored, disengaged, or struggling.
  • Cultivate respectful dialogue between students and promote acceptance of students’ unique perspectives and insights.
  • Work in pairs; a minimum of two adults are always present in the classroom to ensure the safety and academic progress of your children.
  • Have the time to engage your child more deeply, introduce alternate projects, and motivate your children to express their creativity.
  • Assign a minimal amount of homework.
  • Are serious about learning, but promote a light-hearted and fun approach to it.

However, the best way to understand the Nysmith teacher magic is to see them in action.  Visit us and watch them interact in the classroom with students who are the age of your own children.  Listen to their questions and observe the respect that they give to each child.  Observe the ways in which they handle the inevitable challenges of a dynamic instructional environment.

Then feel free to schedule a one-on-one with the teachers to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and insights.  They will be delighted to discuss with you their passion for teaching and the ways they would help your children thrive.