Safety & Security

The Nysmith School places the highest possible priority on the safety and security of our students, teachers, and staff.

As is so often the case with advanced security and surveillance systems, we cannot describe them without compromising their effectiveness.  However, we can say that we maintain an active internal and external surveillance program, and use scanner, door card, police alert, and lock systems that meet or exceed all industry standards.

The Nysmith School has well-documented and drilled evacuation plans for a number of contingencies, including forced intrusions.  We are especially proud of our staff readiness; our key personnel are trained in defibrillator use and emergency first aid medicine.  We also have a fully qualified school nurse on duty at all times during the school day.

Additionally, all teachers have been trained to note changes in a child’s physical, emotional, and mental state – and share that information with other staff members as appropriate.

While no one likes to dwell on the need for such measures in modern society, we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.  If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures, please contact Ken Nysmith, Head of School.