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The Nysmith School Receives the “Tommy Award” from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

The “Tommy Award,” lightheartedly named after Thomas Jefferson in the spirit of contemporary awards (Grammys, Tonys, Emmys), is given to individuals and corporations who have made a particularly significant contribution to Thomas Jefferson High School (TJ) and to STEM education.

Tom Valery, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the TJ Partnership Fund, told Carole and Ken Nysmith, “Your family’s realized vision of a school that would nurture gifted children by allowing them to reach their full potential and Nysmith’s amazing success in preparing students for the rigors of a TJ education have helped solidify TJ’s reputation as the preeminent high school research institution in the United States.

Nysmith graduates have won a disproportionate number of research and other awards, and Nysmith families have contributed significantly as volunteers and donors.  After years of benefiting from the work that you have done to foster children’s interest in science and math and put them on the path to success, the TJ Partnership Fund would like to recognize you, your family, and your school leadership by awarding one of this year’s two ‘Tommy Awards’ to The Nysmith School.”

The Nysmith School received this great honor in 2014.

Previous Tommy Award winners include Northrop Grumman, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Google, and several individuals, including Dr. James Ellenbogen, Chief Scientist at MITRE, and Sally Shuler, Executive Director of the National Sciences Resources Center.