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This year, 6th grade Latin students took the Elementary Latin Exam. This exam covers an extensive amount of beginning vocabulary, including animals, numbers, colors, housing, body parts and family, as well as English derivatives, Latin mottos and expressions, and oral Latin phrases. Sixth grade students were also required to take 2 additional sections; one was focused entirely on geography during the time of the Roman Empire and the other consisted of questions entirely in Latin. The exam was given to over 1,000 students in 24 states and Australia; overall 42% of students earned awards. At Nysmith, 70 students took the exam and 33 earned awards, for a 47% percentage! The following students earned 80%-87%, which qualified them for cum laude awards. Congratulations on all your hard work, and to their teachers as well!

Aryana C.
Alexandra B.
Min K.
Audrey S.
Megan B.
Austin G.
Lindsey N.
William S.
Arnica S.
Sofia D.
Jake S.
Ishaan A.
Aurora H.
Kavya V.
Kyle H.

These student students earned 88%-94% which qualified them for magna cum laude awards.

Alex L.
Nicholas T.
Misha T.
Ian S.
Anderson J.
Arielle K.
Rabia C.
Pierson L.
Daniel R.
Charlotte G.
Anaahita K.
Dia B.

This final group of students earned 95%-100% , which constitutes summa cum laude.

Leon H.
Ozan G.
Noah H.
Henry P.

One student earned a summa cum laude AND a gold medal for a perfect paper: Rishab K.!