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March 2019: Nysmith Debate Team – Georgetown Day School Public Forum Tournament

This past weekend, the Nysmith School Debate Team participated in the Georgetown Day School Public Forum Tournament, affirming or negating the topic:

Resolved: The United States should promote the development of market rate housing in urban neighborhoods.

A big congratulations are in order to the following students:

Veer D. and Anish S.- 3rd Place
Maya C. and Sharvi G. – 5th place

Rhea M. and Vidhi S. – 1st place
Anaahita K. and Ananya K.- 4th place
Austin G. and Henry P. – 6th place
Veer B. and Kevin M. – 8th place

Aanya K. and Sankrith R. – 1st place
Tanvi B. and Emma B. – 3rd place