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Making a Point

By: Ziva (5th Grade)

Make the Point is an event at Nysmith school that raises money for Special Olympics, which is a program that allows people with special needs to play sports! When we do Make The Point we shoot hoops and for every attempt you can pledge a certain amount of money to help or you can do a flat donation meaning no matter how many attempts you make you still will donate the same amount of money. I have interviewed students and teachers about how they feel about Make The Point. The following are my interview excerpts.


Mr. Minik (first year teaching at Nysmith)

Q: What does Make the Point mean to you?

A: I have been involved with Special Olympics since 

Middle school. I feel it is a way for the school to be

 involved in a greater cause.

Q:Have you ever donated? If so why?

A: Yes because the facility’s I have donated to are doing 

work for the power of good and I want to support them.


Shyna (5B)

Q: Have you ever donated? If so why?

A: Yes I have. My dad said that if you have everything you need than you should give to people who do not have the same privileges. E.g. Book Drive, Toys for Tots, African Bazaar, Food Drive, Box Tops, and Clothing Drive.


Mrs. Amberly (Administrator)

Q: What does Make the point mean to you?

A: Make the Point is an opportunity for students to raise money for Special Olympics to do something for others that face challenges, it is also a chance to practice community service and awareness.

Q: Have you ever donated

A: Yes, I do a flat donation a set amount for the most worthwhile charity.