A Letter from Ken Nysmith, Head of School

In my mind, what sets The Nysmith School apart from many other high-caliber private schools is that it is a family-owned and -operated enterprise.  My mother, Carole Nysmith, founded the school in 1983 – convinced that she could offer bright students more than they were getting in their current educational setting.

I’ve been here since 1984 and can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.  In fact, I can’t even imagine retiring because I love what I do so much.

My oldest son Alex recently completed his education degree and has already started his Nysmith career.  Over the next several decades he will begin to take over the helm as the third generation of Nysmith School leaders.

Of course, leadership isn’t all in the family.  Nora Webb, our Middle School Director, Laura Buch, our Lower School Director, and Jody Amberly, our School Counselor, do an incredible job at our most important task – making learning a joy-filled adventure.

As a leadership team, we strive to lead by example.  We hire exceptional teachers who truly put the welfare of children above their own.  Because they are true subject specialists, they constantly seek to improve their programs and make deeper connections between the content and the children.  As leaders, we foster and encourage that creativity.

Through lots of personal interaction and great groups like our Parent Teacher Organization, we help parents who are eager to guide their children’s success.  The leadership team also keeps a very high profile in the classroom – we visit every day as part of a tour or to conduct informal checks.

And – although it’s often challenging in our fast-paced and stressful world – we cultivate an environment marked by kindness, consideration, and good humor.  Happiness is supremely important to us – the happiness of parents, teachers, staff, and children is vital if we are to fulfill our dream of helping all of our students reach their highest potential.

Finally, a big part of my job is listening.  I have an “open door” policy – and am always happy to chat with the parents of current or prospective students.  Come on by, and let’s get better acquainted!