Hear It From Our 8th Graders

In Their Own Words

Highlights from the Class of 2020

Graduation Speeches

“Our last year at Nysmith would be nothing without the amazing teachers. Our teachers found ways to make activities fun virtually! To each teacher who was a part of our experience at Nysmith, thank


“I would like to say thank you to my teachers who have had such an immense impact on the person I am today, from the knowledge in my head to my true love for learning.”


“Every teacher I have had at Nysmith has made me a better person and helped me grow intellectually. Each and every teacher has given me unconditional support and encouragement to reach any goal of mine.”


“I would like to thank Nysmith, for creating and fostering an environment where I have unapologetically been able to learn, grow, and have fun.”


“It feels so bittersweet to leave a place that I have so much love for, a place that holds some of the most important memories and experiences I’ll ever have. And as strange as it feels to mark the end of my time here, it brings me joy to reflect on the years I’ve spent
at Nysmith.”

“Nysmith has prepared us for everything we have done so far and I have full faith that the preparation given will help us in the future as well.”


“I have created so many amazing relationships with not only friends, but teacher and administrators. I’ve experienced so many things at this school that I would not get the opportunity to experience at any other place.”


“When I first stepped through the doors of Nysmith last year, I didn’t know what was going on. It was a sea of unfamiliar faces, voices chattering. I was done with elementary school, and I felt different, just knowing I was in middle school. How was I supposed to know that this place would become like a second home to me, a place that I enjoyed coming to every day?”


“All the teachers I have had have shaped me into the student and person I have become. I have learned so much from them, not just lessons from the book but lessons I will remember for the rest of my life.”

“Growing up at this school has inspired me in many ways including how to love learning and how to build relationships with fellow peers and teachers. Through my years at Nysmith I have been nurtured to be confident and have a voice of my own.”

“Nysmith has become my second home and it is hard for me to imagine being anywhere else.”


“During my time at Nysmith, I’ve learned the importance of curiosity and excitement. From hatching chicks in kindergarten science to mustache competitions in 8th-grade geometry, Nysmith has ignited my passion for science and math.”


“I have been here 9 years and have loved each and every moment. Nysmith has been my home since I can remember, it has been a loving environment that I will always miss. I hope someday I can live up to its name and make one for myself. Thank you.”


“Over the years, our grade grew from a bunch of kids that just happened to go to the same school to some sort of family. I have so many memories from Nysmith.”

“Getting the chance to be taught by nurturing and passionate people gave me a love of learning that I will never lose.”

“Here at Nysmith, I have had countless happy experiences. I would not give up my time here for anything.”


“Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. I am very grateful to have learned from these amazing Nysmith teachers who act as inspiring mentors to all their students.”


“Nysmith has made me into the courageous, hardworking individual I am now. In addition to making me a well-rounded student, Nysmith has taught me great values such as character, respect for others’ opinions, passion and purpose, all of which will help me thrive in high school and beyond.”

“I would say that Nysmith has shaped who I am today, but they didn’t. Instead they gave me all the tools to mould myself into who I wanted to be. From the beginning we have been exposed to different thoughts, subjects, and role-models. But the most amazing thing we were given was a choice. The choice to be ourselves.”


“Nysmith is also a great place for students to create strong friendships with each other.”


“Nysmith has been a place where I would enjoy myself and surround myself with people who brighten up my life. I remember walking through the silver pod doors every morning or almost every morning, super happy and excited no matter what I was feeling before.”


“At Nysmith, I have met wonderful teachers, who filled me with knowledge, and great friends, who fill me with joy. Nysmith curriculum has greatly improved my academics; where I struggled before, I am now strong. Although I was nervous when i joined, Nysmith has given me confidence, and set me up for success”


“This school nurtured my love for learning, making me love all of the subjects I took. Nobody deserves more credit for this than my teachers, so I would like to thank each and every one of them for the positive contributions they have made to my life.”


“The moments that define my time at Nysmith are the ones that pushed my limits. Nysmith has been a place where I can try new things and prepare for my future. Nysmith’s education has helped me grow in every aspect of life and has prepared me for the next task or obstacle.”