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February 2019: History Bee Regional Tournament

We want to wish a big congratulations to our students who competed in the History Bee Regional Tournament at Thomas Jefferson High School. In total, nine Nysmith students were awarded regional finalists and 20 students qualified for the national competition. They are:

Elementary Division (5th & lower) Qualified for Nationals
Suaraj S.
Cindy L.
Anju A.
Sia M.
Babiha B
Esha M (Regional Finalist!)
Ariana B. (Regional Finalist)
Shreraj S. (Regional Finalist!)
Ryan G. (Regional Finalist!)

6th Grade Qualified for Nationals:
Aryana C.
Nicholas T.
Davis R.
Arielle K.
Veer B. (Regional Finalist! Finished 4th!!)
Pierson Lee (Regional Finalist! Finished 5th!!)

7th Qualified for Nationals:
Sammy C.
Joshua G.
Sahithi A.
Neeraj M. (Regional Finalist! Finished 4th!!)

8th Qualified for Nationals:
Irene Z. (Regional Finalist!)

Way to go and best of luck in the Nationals!