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How a Small School for Gifted Kids in the D.C. Exurbs
Gets Big Results

Nysmith named a “Top 10 School in the World” by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

For Nysmith graduates winning “a disproportionate number of research and other awards at TJ

Building a Strong Foundation

Learn how Nysmith builds a strong foundation for learning in early childhood.

Hear from Nysmith parents, students, and staff about how we make learning a joy-filled experience.

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U.S. News and World Report has come out with its annual ranking of top high schools in the nation and making t...
International Week at Nysmith School has always been one of our most beloved school-wide events. Traditionally...
Students coming into the 4th grade at Nysmith have a welcome addition to their schedule—a daily, 30-minute c...
When it comes to math and a new (albeit improved) learning program, trying to help your child navigate math as...
This past weekend, the Nysmith School Debate Team participated in the Georgetown Day School Public Forum Tourn...
A big congratulations to Nysmith 8th graders, Jeffrey C., Matthew L., Abhi A., and Nysmith 7th grader, Zani X....
The Nysmith History Bowl team, with a record of 4-2, placed 5th out of 22 teams in the 2019 Capital Region Cha...
We want to wish a big congratulations to our students who competed in the History Bee Regional Tournament at T...
The Nysmith school hosted its third Metro Speech and Debate Public Forum Tournament. Students were prepared to...

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Today was salt map day in fourth grade social studies! The unit on U.S. geography culminated with a fun, messy project in the classroom. Students were assigned a state and did some research on both elevation and geographic features of that particular state. They then used various colors of salt dough to create a physical map of their state with flag labels. In the end, they ended up using almost 40 pounds of salt dough for their projects! #WhyNysmith ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you to all our friends and the entire Nysmith Community for helping us and each other through this difficult time. Carole touched many lives profoundly over her 50+ years in education. There were families at the ceremony who were at Nysmith 20+ years ago.

Carole lived a full and meaningful life. As I mentioned in at the celebration of Carole’s life, Carole wanted everyone to be happy; the best way we can honor Carole is to remember all the times she made our lives happier, and to do our best to spread happiness to others.

It will be a while before we are healed. That is natural. If you have any special personal or school related memories of Carole you are willing to share, we will put a large envelope in the main office so they can be shared with Carole’s grandchildren as well as archived for future generations.

Thank you again to everyone for your support. It has been a difficult time, but you compassion and love have helped us.

- Ken Nysmith
Head of School
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CyberPatriot is a program created by the Air Force Association and presented by Northrop Grumman to inspire K-12 students to pursue careers in cybersecurity. This National Youth Cyber Defense Competition is the nation's largest cyber defense competition involving roughly 6,800 high school and middle school teams. Students are put in charge of working with different operating systems and securing vital networks within six-hour-long rounds. Starting in June, competitors work to form a team and prepare for round 1 in October, round 2 in November, and the state round in December. In order for teams to qualify for the semifinal round in January, their cumulative score from the first three rounds must be in the top 50% of all middle school teams. This year's Nysmith team consists of students Dresden, Arnica, Sudhit, Nanda, Sammy, and Eesha. The Nysmith team is in 31st place across the board and they're working towards their goal of becoming Nysmith's second national champions. Please wish the team good luck for round 2 this weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Actobotics students are working on creating an autonomous vehicle that can travel on a figure eight course and stay in its own lane and stop if an object is in its path. This requires a great deal more thinking than just programming the robot to follow a line since there is no line in the intersection amongst other challenges. The students have to depend heavily on their researching and problem solving skills to complete this challenge. #WhyNysmith ... See MoreSee Less

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Please join us for our November Tour and Information Session, Thursday November 21st, at either 9:00am or 1:00pm. Learn how Nysmith School can make a difference in your child’s life and see for yourself how a world-class education can ignite your child's passion for learning. Please rsvp: If you are interested in Nysmith Preschool (3 or 4 year old class), please plan to attend the 9:00am session. ... See MoreSee Less

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Are Your Children Inspired and
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At The Nysmith School, we offer a world-class curriculum in a joy-filled setting. We use small classes with a maximum 1:9 ratio to meet the needs of your child.  Why have families moved from around the Country specifically for their children to attend Nysmith?  We make school fun!

Is Nysmith the best choice for your children? We encourage you to click here to download our “Traits of Giftedness” checklist. After you’ve completed it, please review the text about possible next steps.


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