How a Small School …
in the D.C. Exurbs
Gets Big Results

Johns Hopkins

Nysmith named a
“Top 10 School in the World”
by the Johns Hopkins
Center for Talented Youth

Thomas Jefferson

For Nysmith graduates winning
a disproportionate number of
research and other awards at TJ

Are Your Children Inspired and Challenged at School?

At The Nysmith School, we offer a world-class curriculum in a joy-filled setting. We use small classes with a maximum 1:9 ratio to meet the needs of your child. Why have families moved from around the Country specifically for their children to attend Nysmith? We make school fun!

Is Nysmith the best choice for your children? We encourage you to click here to download our “Traits of Giftedness” checklist. After you’ve completed it, please review the text about possible next steps.

School Children Observing Butterflies

Imagine the Opportunities

… a world-class experience that is filled with joy.

… children in a nurturing environment designed to spark their creativity, hone their critical reasoning skills, and boldly guide them through the complexities of an ever-changing world.

… children taking their place as confident, capable, and compassionate global citizens.

Imagine The Nysmith School.

Building a Strong Foundation for Children

School Child Doing Simple Experiment


We believe that a world-class education is a joy-filled experience. At The Nysmith School, students are inspired every day by passionate teachers and intellectually-stimulating content that unlocks the true potential of our gifted learners.

Childrens In Classroom


Our curriculum has been designed to prepare students for the 21st century. In addition to our cutting-edge STEM program, we help our students develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills.

Teacher Expalning Student


Exceptionally creative subject area specialists who love their subjects and inspire their students. Nysmith teachers nurture each child to help them succeed at the level and pace that is right for them.

Teacher And Student Discussing


Learning is joyful. School should be exhilarating, even more so for students who love to learn. Creative teachers find the most exciting, current content in their subject areas and use methods that encourage student discovery, exploration, and analysis.

Children In Classroom


Nysmith is a happy place. By nurturing confidence in each child, we help motivate them to learn to their potential. Our entire school is committed to helping instill the love of learning and the joy of life.

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