How a Small School for Gifted Kids in the D.C. Exurbs
Gets Big Results

Nysmith named a “Top 10 School in the World” by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

For Nysmith graduates winning “a disproportionate number of research and other awards at TJ


Thursday February 21st

 9am and 1pm

Building a Strong Foundation

We often think of intellectually “gifted” children as those who do exceedingly well in school, concentrate...
The beginning of the school year may seem like a strange time for homework fatigue to already be setting in, f...
Featured in the Herndon Connection Newspaper:\r\n\r\n...
                            \r\nCongratulations are in order for 7th grader Matthew Li and his V...
\r\nThe Nysmith SmashBots team competed in the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge over the President’s Day Weekend. Con...
The Nysmith Smash Bots team competes in the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge and includes the following 3rd Graders:...
 \r\nCongratulations are in order for the Nysmith Science Olympiad (SO) team! Over the weekend our SO team brou...
This weekend, the Nysmith Debate team competed in the Broad Run High School Invitational Tournament affirming/...
The Water Ninjas, an all girl robotics team, consisting of two NYSMITH students, Pari Rana (6A) and Amal Woolr...
Nysmith students competed and won at the Meridian Public Forum Tournament on November 4th, 2017, affirming or ...

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    Are Your Children Inspired and
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    At The Nysmith School, we offer a world-class curriculum in a joy-filled setting. While we are very proud of our creative gifted programs, we care most about finding a great fit between our offerings and the needs and interests of our students.

    Is Nysmith the best choice for your children? We encourage you to click here to download our “Traits of Giftedness” checklist. After you’ve completed it, please review the text about possible next steps.


    … a world-class experience that is filled with joy.

    … children in a nurturing environment designed to spark their creativity, hone their critical reasoning skills, and boldly guide them through the complexities of an ever-changing world.

    … children taking their place as confident, capable, and compassionate global citizens.

    Imagine The Nysmith School.