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May 2017: TJ BioCode Competition – 1st & 9th Place

TJ BioCode is a bioinformatics-centered programming competition.

Six Nysmith students participated in the contest at Thomas Jefferson High School last month: Brantley Gilliard (Team Watson), Auguste Rame (Team Curie), Anand Advani (Ultracoders), Anantha Bojji (Team Berners-Lee), Luke Thistlethwaite (DNA Dudes), and Vikram Bala (DNA Dudes).

DNA Dudes won first place in the middle school category and Ultracoders won ninth place. All participants performed incredibly well considering the difficulty of the problems in the context of both biology and computer science.

These problems were meant for college level students, and it is an incredible feat that these middle school students were able to solve some of them.  Great effort and experience!