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June 2017: “Alex Misiaszek spreads healing sound of music”

Michelle Marsh of WJLA/ABC7 came to Nysmith to interview eighth-grader Alex Misiaszek about his dedication to community service for their “Inspire” series.

Alex has combined his passion for service with his love of music and has been performing piano recitals for seniors in hospitals and nursing homes all over the DC area.  He said he loves the impact it has on his audience, both physiologically (classical music benefits the brain) and psychologically (it makes them happy!).  He said his family is very proud and supportive, and that he gets a sense of satisfaction from making a difference and inspiring others to develop a love for performance and a love of service.


Alex then beautifully performed Mozart’s “Rondo alla Turca.”

Watch the video here:  //wjla.com/features/inspire/inspire-alex-misiaszek-spreads-healing-sound-of-music